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radically changed and relaunched: change the world t-shirts
hop: including the udderly ridonkulous adventures of alex and lizzy
...and something green: naming, web and collateral for greenleaf couture
packaging and character design: all part of a complete breakfast
rebranding and web transformation: the campbell agency

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the latest, straight from the nozzle

Woo-hoo! It's true. Thought Nozzle has a new website. It's long overdue, but, hey... what with all the work in feature film, network television, print design and the occasional self-assigned project — not to mention web design for others — we've been a little busy.

Now, though, after too many of our famous late nights and Dr Peppers, we can stay in even closer touch with our clients (as if some of us don't already feel like we're married). And now that we can provide private client access to projects and billing, along with new subscription controls for mailing lists, we're absolutely drunk with power. But — it's the fun kind of drunk. Not the mean kind.

For those of you who haven't hired us yet (you know who you are), there's a fab new portfolio filled with some of the goodies we've had the pleasure of creating recently. Plus we've kept a few oldies but goodies around. This is why it's good to design stuff that doesn't go out of style.

So have a look around, send us a note, and stay tuned for new features, new work, and news on new projects. (Wow. That's a lotta new.)

Let us know if you spot any gremlins. (We can tell there are still a few of them holed up in the walls. At night, when they're playing poker, they sometimes crank up Van Halen.)

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